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Get medical advice and prescriptions from the best Board-Certified doctors for $30 per appointment
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Doctors at your fingertips
Remedy will set you up with one of our hand-picked Board-Certified doctors on your smartphone. You can then message and talk to your doctor directly at any time about any thing. Getting medical advice, prescriptions, and referrals has never been easier.
What we treat
Remedy doctors can consult about almost any medical concern you have, whether it’s a cut, depression, diabetes, or interpreting test results, Remedy doctors have your back.
The most common concerns we treat include:
– Allergies
– Asthma
– Bronchitis
– Common cold
– Conjunctivitis
– Diabetes
– Ear pain
– Erectile dysfunction
– High blood pressure
– Hair loss
– Flu
– Insect bite
– Panic disorders
– Sciatica
– Sinusitis
– Migraine
– Skin disorders
– Tooth disorders
– Urinary tract infection
– ...and more
Patients love Remedy
"5 star quality doctors"
"Unlike any other doctor's visit, I felt like the doctors on Remedy listen to you and actually work with you to create the best treatment plan moving forward. I got my prescriptions sent right away to the pharmacy and it's so convenient to be able to text message my doctor any time I want to." – Charles Richman, 54 years old
"Doctor in your pocket"
"I love being able to talk to Dr. Agarwal on Remedy whenever I want. It feels as easy as texting a friend! Dr. Agarwal is so helpful and really takes time to walk me through the diagnosis, she really takes time to educate me instead of just telling me what to do!" – Candice Mandel, 32 years old
"Still can't believe this is so affordable!"
"I don't have insurance, and stumbled upon this service. I have to say it has changed how I view healthcare. Not only are appointments only $30 for me, but I feel like this is a health system that is really watching out for the patient instead of trying to rip me off. My Remedy doctor tries to save me money on prescriptions by giving me many options. It's amazing and I highly recommend." – Megan Aioki, 25 years old
Our physician team
We hire world class physicians from top medical institutions. Our physicians carry a range of accolades, from being the highest patient rated physician in health systems like Kaiser, to being a medical correspondent on global news networks, like Fox News.
Affordable care for all
We save doctors time so we can save you money. Remedy uses artificial intelligence to help our doctors with time consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks, which we pass onto you as cost savings.
The cost of a Remedy appointment can be covered by your flexible spending account (FSA/HSA).
Safety and Privacy
Remedy is a type of telemedicine, built upon the idea that most medical problems can be solved by chatting with a doctor rather than going into an office. The American Medical Association estimates that about 70% of all doctor’s office visits can be handled over telemedicine. According to the Wall Street Journal, telemedicine is the future of healthcare.
Here at Remedy, we strive to bring you that future, now.